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Guidance for Key Workers

The areas we cover

We cover the area defined by Ashtead, Leatherhead and Epsom as shown on the map. There are also Besoms nearby in Esher ( and Dorking (

If in doubt, get in touch! See "Contact Us" page.

Instructions for applications

Please contact us by email if your client is within our area. If they are in the Dorking or Esher areas the please contact them by email at the emails above. 


The client information we need is: name, address, phone number and items required or help needed. We realise that it is often better to convey information by phone so please leave your mobile number so we can call you back.

We will need to know if there are safeguarding issues either from the client or Besom perspectives. 

The help we can provide for your clients


We can help your clients with furniture and household items from individual items to helping them set up home from scratch. Most of our items are donated by our supporters and are therefore previously owned but are in good condition and meet fire safety regulations.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help with  DIY, decorating and gardening work at the current time as we don't have the resources to do this. We have the capacity to do small jobs like putting up curtain poles when we give clients curtains. 

The Referral process


Step 1   Referral

A key worker (or other care professional) will contact us by email directly to inform us of the needs of their client, whether it is for furniture, white goods and household items, or assistance with practical tasks.

Step 2   Assess

We can usually arrange delivery of household items with the client directly through a phone conversation with the key worker and/or client but, if required, can visit and assess the need. For projects, we ideally meet with the key worker and the recipient to see what work needs to be completed.

Step 3   Implementation

We organise the delivery of items directly to the client with our van and van team. For projects, we contact one of the churches who have offered their time to match them up to the referral. We provide the paint and all the equipment to our teams. The group comes for a day, usually on a weekend, and carries out the work. All of our services are free of charge.


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